November 21, 2019

Hey out there! Welcome to the Gauntlet Fitness blog, where we’ll strive to carve out a corner of the internet and make it feel like you’re walking into our gym. Gauntlet Fitness is owned by Shawn and myself (Ashley), with our three kids helping and coaching too. A year ago we moved into a bigger space, and before that we were on Main Street in a historical building for 7 years. We’ve learned a lot along the way and we’re still evolving and learning every day. 

One of the things that Shawn and I are passionate about is the physical education and fitness of the children in our community and state. We’ve been blessed to have so many kids come through our doors in 8 years of business, and it’s been an amazing thing to watch the results of calisthenic training on their minds and bodies. 

Sports and activity has always been an integral part of who Shawn and I are! I ran track, played soccer, and ran cross country in high school. Shawn was and is an avid and talented golfer, along with pretty much any other sport he plays which makes him kinda annoying.  We both attained our purple belt in Issinryu karate, which isn’t a common form so to both have practiced that kind of karate was pretty unusual! As a teenager Shawn looked up to Jean Claude Van Damme and practiced his splits and spinning hook kicks so he could be just like him. (Yes, there is photographic evidence of this. Shawn still gets it out and looks at it longingly). We also still have Shawn’s VHS collection of every movie Jean Claude Van Damme ever made somewhere in the garage. Surprisingly, there is no demand for it on Ebay. 

The only workout we could ever do together and not argue about it was this little thing we started doing called the Gauntlet. (get your mind out of the gutter).  It was a series of 10 calisthenic exercises that we did for time. We enjoyed running it every week and trying to best our previous time and get stronger. Pretty soon we had friends coming to run it too and our garage became a tiny little gym, which became a bigger gym on Main Street, which became a bigger gym on Interstate Drive! We’ve trained everyone from elite athletes to grandparents, the common theme with them all being a desire to move and move WELL. We’re excited about the future of Gauntlet Fitness and we’re glad you’re along for the ride!