Black shirts

We are throwing it down, but are you willing to pick up the gauntlet and accept the challenge?!  Only few have earned their Black Shirt. Do you have what it takes to be a Black Shirt? 

Bosu Bench D-bells (100#s/50#s) x 10ea

Pull-ups anygrip x 25/15

Ole’ Blue x 150


Sled Drag –>50′,<–50′ 2x bodyweight

Plyo push-up ladder—–>20 rungs

Repeat x 2


Push Sled w/ 3×45#s/3×25#s


5x Ring Muscle-ups


Yellow Rope no feet (green pad to truss)


Belt Squat 4×45#s/245#s

x10 (w/1s below parallel hold)

100#/70# squat, press, ‘n drop x 5

Crab Fisherman —>6×45#s/25#s

Bar Muscle-ups x 5


D-Bell Snatch 100s/60s x 3ea

25#/15# keg toss clear x 1, rope climb + 1 pull-up (Repeat this x3)

Clear 25#/15# keg toss x 1

Ball Tramp throw (ROYGB-line)x2ea L,R

4stack kong–>left shuffle–>rope coil left

4stack kong–>right shuffle–>rope coil right

5 cones in high position–>4stack lazy vault left—>icky shuffle–>rope coil left

5 cones in high position–>4stack lazy vault right—>ali shuffle–>rope coil right

Muscle-ups x 3/1